I am a teacher now and I need this key

I’m back to school. Wow! Now I’m a teacher – and a learner. For a couple of weeks already I teach mathematics and science at a grammar school in Berlin. Frankly, it’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. What I like about school is learning. What I really dislike is the current role […]

The smart science of minimal typography

I like typography, science, minimalism and India. A project by Indian graphic designer Kapil Bhagat from Mumbai brings all of that together. The ideas behind his poster series about great scientists and their discoveries are very smart. I like the way Kapil uses typography to visualize complex and yet simple scientific ideas. Enjoy and make […]

Random Face Maker

Carl made me smile! The Russian Art Collective Faceheads.ru and Carl, their talking piece of cardboard, explain in this little video tutorial how to use random shapes to create an Instant Face Maker. The effect is quite stunning when you move two points wich represent the eyes over your piece of paper: you’ll see more […]

Video: Sonification of search algorithms

This sonification of search algorithms by Andrzej Rutkowski made my day. And it helped me to better understand what is going on when a computer does bubble sort, merge sort, etc. Here is what Andrzej says about sonification and I would totally agree that this technique hasn’t been explored to its full potential yet: “I […]