Wild Animals Book by Rop van Mierlo

The Wild Animals Book is a wonderful piece art. Dutch Graphic designer, illustrator and animator Rop van Mierlo first self-published his book in 2011, when Wild Animals won the Dutch Design Awards in the category ‘Best Graphic Design’. The book is a collection of Rop’s amazing wash paintings of wild animals. When the inks and watercolors are […]

Autumn Leaves Book

On a sunny autumn afternoon we collected autumn leaves and prepared this book with the kids and our friends aged 2 to 6. Solveig, Eva, Simone and Maxim made this book. Simone is currently writing the story about our autumn leaves and I am really looking forward to reading it soon.

Technological Antiques

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdSHeKfZG7c’] Ever since Paul Virilio coined the term ‘dromology’ (the study of speed) in the late 1970s, searching for the meaning of ever speedier change has become a respectable path of scholarship. “Everywhere life seems to speeding up: we talk of fast food and speed dating. But what does the phenomenon of social acceleration […]

Raindrop Melody Maker

No Words, just music. Give it a try. This made my day: Raindrop Melody Maker. Thanks to Lullatone and Secondary School for creating this beautiful, interactive and hypnotizing musical instrument.

A Picture Book and an App for the iPhone

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ-oQihxBws Mobile Art Lab has developed a picture book for children in which the iPhone plays an important role. The phone is put into a children’s book. Readers turn the pages on the phone and in the book simultaneously. The iPhone adds interactive elements to the reading experience. In my opinion, this is not only […]