Hi! I’m Sebastian. I’m a teacher, an entrepreneur, a lifelong learner and a curious mind at large. I live in Berlin, Germany, and Marseille, France, and work at the intersection of my interests: learning, culture, and technology.

I focus on projects linking real life experiences with web and apps. I have launched the edtech startup Edkimo where we build a real-time feedback app for teachers and learners. On I blog about John Hattie’s Visible Learning research. I am also a board member of Edtech Verband e.V. and write articles about the German education initiative Startchancen-Programm.

In edtech and as a teacher I develop effective ways to put “education” in “technology” as well as “technology” in “education” and try to make learning fun. 

On this blog I write about

  • learning and technology,
  • my experience as a teacher and an edtech founder,
  • and the inspirations I find in the news, in books and on the web.

Reach out via LinkedIn.