Leap Motion takes the touch screen gestures to the third dimension

Leap motion - 3D gesture control for computers

With the Leap Motion controller, 3D gesture control is on its way to your desktop in the very near future. You can already pre-order one now ($69.99), sales should start this winter.

Leap motion - 3D gesture control for computers

From 2D to 3D finger control
While touchscreens have brought the ability to directly and intuitively control devices with nuanced finger movements in 2 dimensions, Leap Motion takes this fine-tuned gesture control ability to the next dimension. It will most likely change the way people control their laptops and desktop computers in the near future. You can think of the Leap as a kind of Microsoft’s Kinect controller, but way more accurate. According to the developers the Leap is 200 times more sensitive than existing technologies at a fraction of the price. Watch this stunning video to see the Leap Motion controller in action working smoothly with some well-known applications. I will pre-order my Leap right now.

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