There are a lot of photogenic places in the world but some of them are outstanding. One stunning example came to my attention via Abuzeedo today: the Antelope Canyon. This colorful landscape is located on Navajo land in Arizona and probably one of the most photographed canyons in the US. After digging through Flickr I found that one of my favourite photo sets of this place was shot by Australian photographer Brent Pearson who managed to deal with the light and the crowd in the canyon: “I did manage to snap a few shots of Antelope Canyon while visiting there with my family. But what a zoo it was! I couldn’t believe it. The canyon was packed, I think they have lifted the restrictions to how many tours can go through Upper Antelope at one time, and it was literally a zoo.” Look how he captured the waves and the colors made of sand stone and light. Amazing pictures of an amazing place!

All images © Brent Pearson (Website | Flickr)

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