Visible Learning Interview with John Hattie: “Think of feedback that is received not given”

John Hattie told us the story underlying the data of his huge meta study Visible Learning. There is an enhanced role for teachers, because students seek feedback. And feedback works best when you think first of feedback that is received not given. Together with my colleague and co-author Regine Berger we interviewed John Hattie about “Visible Learning”. We were especially interested to know how to implement his findings schools. And also how to best train the teachers. You can also read the Interview in German on www.visiblelearning.de.


Is Visible Learning equally good for all ages?

Which age specific differences should schools consider when implementing visible learning?
I was interested in 4-20 year olds and for every influence was very keen to evaluate any moderators – but found very few indeed. The story underlying the data seems applicable to this age range.
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Sean E Avery: CD Sculptures

Australian artist Sean E Avery is a writer-illustrator of children’s picture books and a sculptor who makes beautiful animal sculptures with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives and others. “CDs come in a zillion different colours and I never know what colours will be available to me on any given day.” His animals’ colors are definitely well chosen and impressing. Sean talks of his work as ‘sustainable art’, I think he is right. Last week-end I found a box of old data backup CDs and I didn’t know what to do with it because my computer doesn’t even read them anymore. Now I have an idea, maybe I can send them to Australia.

All images © Sean E Avery | Sean on Facebook | deviantART


Laurent Sciamma: Visual Comments on France and the World

While France is still lamenting its downgrade from AAA to AA+ visual artist Laurent Sciamma has long before taken the whole discussion a step further. On his tumblr Laurent cleverly comments on politics and culture in France and the world in a minimalistic visual style. As an independent art director he was also responsible for the film title design of his sister’s much acclaimed movie Tomboy that came out last year. For me as a German there is definitely one favorite picture: it’s Laurent’s comment on German reunification when western socks met eastern sandals more than 20 years ago. One to watch and follow. Thanks to Victor for the hint.

All images (c) Laurent Sciamma