I am a teacher now and I need this key

I’m back to school. Wow! Now I’m a teacher – and a learner. For a couple of weeks already I teach mathematics and science at a grammar school in Berlin. Frankly, it’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. What I like about school is learning. What I really dislike is the current role of a teacher as a lonely person. All the jobs I’ve done so far were team events. Being a teacher feels like being a social loner. Well, it’s a highly communicative activity when you teach in the classroom. But as a teacher (at least in my school) you work mostly on your own. Team work seems to be an unknown concept to the school system that I’ve experienced so far.

The key pictured above is necessary to open the windows in the classrooms. I learned that the hard way when most of my students and me myself almost fell asleep due to the lack of oxygen during the first week. But I didn’t have this key. They gave me a lot of keys but not this one to let some air in. I had to buy one at the DIY warehouse nearby. School for me is a complete DIY experience – do it yourself. I think this is a pity and a waste of human time and energy. The whole system could work better if teachers would work together. Teachers would learn more and teach better. And students would profit most. Let’s open the doors and windows to let some air in!



The smart science of minimal typography

I like typography, science, minimalism and India. A project by Indian graphic designer Kapil Bhagat from Mumbai brings all of that together. The ideas behind his poster series about great scientists and their discoveries are very smart. I like the way Kapil uses typography to visualize complex and yet simple scientific ideas. Enjoy and make sure to check out his tumblr!

All images (c) Kapil Bhagat