Photo For Life – Online Community Manager

Photo For Life (c) Oliviero Toscani / BBC Worldwide France / ARTE
The 6 Talents for ARTE’s Masterclass Photo For Life: Caroline Scharff, Mathieu Cheneby, Sima Dehgani, Christian Kuhn, Coline Sentenac-Moise und Suchart Wannaset (c) Oliviero Toscani / BBC Worldwide France

Photo For Life is an innovative web and TV format. It produced for ARTE, a French-German TV channel, by BBC Worldwide France (TV) and Delasource (Web).  I was the online community manager for the show. Photo For Life combines a TV Masterclass for talented photographers with an eMasterclass for young photographers on the web. The mentor and the teacher of the Masterclass is Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani. Toscani is best-known worldwide for designing controversial advertising campaigns with shocking, realistic images for Benetton in the 1980s and 1990s. Photo For Life was inspired by BBC’s former experience with a series called “Design for Life” led by French designer Philipp Starck.
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Scratch – A Visual Programming Language for Lifelong Learners

Scratch is a visual programming language designed for learning and education. As learners create and share projects in Scratch, they develop important design and problem-solving skills, think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Scratch is used in many different settings: schools, museums, community centers, and homes – or even in introductory computer science classes in higher education, for example in Harvard’s edX-course CS50. That’s how I discovered this great project by MIT media lab’s lifelong kindergarten, and I was really impressed seeing the learning and teaching opportunities of Scratch in action.
Download Scratch and give it a try. It’s really easy and fun to learn!